If Tom Waits and Etta James were to have a musical love child, the result would be Ashley and the X's. Formed in 2009, Ashley and the X's combines the sultry and commanding vocals of Ashley Hicks with the steadfast ease of the X's ; Matt Shigekawa (guitar), Eric Parham (multi-instrumentalis), and Dan Walker (drums). With influences from 1950's doo wop to metal, they are sure to keep your ears awake and your heart on beat.



Ashley Carder - lead singer (and definitely not banjo) and lyricist

Ashley attributes Tom Waits as a life-changing musical influence for her. Without him, she would have never started performing. She also loves punk rock, Motown and blues music. 


Ashley's favorite movies are between Breakfast at Tiffany's and Eddie and the Cruisers. 

Matt Shigekawa - guitar

Matt started playing guitar when he was 13 and was heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, Tool, Radiohead, Punch Brothers, Blue Oyster Cult, Queens of the Stone Age, Tom Petty, and the list goes on. Also, The Eagles, but we won't fault him for that. 


His favorite movie is The NeverEnding Story. 

Eric Parham  - bass, keyboards and guitar

Known as Greezy Rick onstage, Eric's musical influences vary from The Beatles, Pink Floyd and King Crimson to RadioHead and Primus. 


His favorite movie is This is Spinal Tap.

Dan Walker - drums

Dan likes musicians who play in open tunings. He's a big fan of the Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Faces, and the Old 97's. He prefers Coke over Pepsi.


His favorite movie is The Wonder Boys (And yes, he's read the book).